About Us


Who we are

Handmade Decorations LLC is a Registered Company in the UAE, our office is located at the prime location of Dubai in Business Bay. The organization was founded few years ago and had, since then, grown and left a mark of distinctive, quality creations inspired by the Passion and Modernity of state of art designs - given a unique personal and Arabian touch.


What we do

The company has been developing in recent years and carried the mark of unique, luxurious decorations and interior design that is a blend between modernity and diversity.

Handmade Decorations LLC understands the individual needs of our Clients, and we strive to create and deliver designs that would be to our Client’s wishes. We make it a point to assess the architectural structure of the place whether it be for design or fit out, to better create and produce quality design perspectives.


Custom Design

We always take to mind our Client’s own design concepts and ideas to create a personal unique design that truly embodies our Client’s personality and character, making the design their own.

Our Creative Design team is equipped with innovative ideas, exceptional concepts and brilliant skills to provide quality service and assistance.


Quality Service

Our Management ensures that all projects are given full supervision and utmost attention.


Our Goals

Create for you…

Shaping Gorgeous Interior Design under Engineering and Design Experts. We explore the architectural plans of the place and weaves harmony between architecture and the Client’s vision to develop a creative design that is unique to the Client.

Make you Distinctive…

With the growing UAE market for Interior Design offering different design trends nowadays, we give you concepts from classic to modern to contemporary and mixed design concepts with a unique touch that is distinctly you.


Mission & Vision

The Founders of Handmade Decoration LLC contemplated the idea of founding a Company that would give a new character to Authentic Arabian and European style by incorporating trendy and modern design concepts creating a unique flair and a distinct individuality.

Be the Leader in providing the best services in the field of interior decoration on both residential and commercial sectors and implementation of the highest quality Standards at competitive prices.